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A love letter to your reflection and an ode to your uniqueness

Puddle Mirrors

Elevated puddle-shaped mirrors for your home. Our distinctive irregular mirrors effortlessly balance... 

Beveled Mirrors

Our beveled wavy mirrors are handcrafted and artisan level. Resulting from collaboration... 

One of a kind pieces made just for you

 Our handcrafted approach to curvy mirrors embraces flaws in their materials to imbue nuance and uniqueness into each piece.

Get their gift in time for the holidays

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Discover our burlwood collection bundle

The Burlwood Collection

Puddle Pieces Presents: The Burlwood Collection. A line of products meticulously made... 

A unique balance of sophistication and play for your home.

  • Architectural Digest

    This up-and-coming brand based inMiamicreates the abstract-shaped reflective surfaces of your dreams. They have premade templates for their best-sellers and also offer custom work if you need something more specific. Though you won’t be able to stand these up on the floor, just choose your favorite blob and try a wall-mounted version.

  • Hypebea

    Miami-based home goods brandPuddle Piecesmakes mirrors that will make you smile every time you look at your own reflection. Featuring a free-flowing, blob-like shape, the 001 Mirror will become your new favorite selfie station at the entryway.

  • The Strategist

    KS:We typically like clean lines, modern, mid-century. So this is a departure from the shapes we usually go for. I think its nonsymmetrical shape will be a really cool accent to the other pieces we’re bringing to the house.

  • GQ

    "...But what makes for the best full-length mirror possible? One that adequately—and literally—reflects your true self? One that doesn’t turn you into a funhouse caricature, but also doesn’t falsely flatter your ego?

    Gio, founder of custom mirror brand Puddle Pieces, advises that you stick with mirrors made from actual glass.

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